Shark's Tooth & Chambray - Getting to Know SMIJ by Jill

Posted by Jill Myrick on

Thank you for visiting SMIJ by Jill.  I'm using this series of blog posts to introduce our brand and my personal style that will radiate throughout our line of Swimwear Cover-Ups.  We just did a photo shoot at the beach and had so much fun styling our beach wraps.  I found myself throwing on the fun Scala cowboy hat with a shark's tooth necklace and giving our girly beach wraps a bit of an edge.  

My personal style often is in line with how I'm feeling that day. We did this shoot after several sandy days at the beach and I was feeling "southern beach chic with an edge".  I love combining vibes such as Chambray and Shark's Tooth necklaces.  SMIJ by Jill is about being authentic and true to you.  Wear your's with diamonds or shark's teeth - both work and will make it your own, too.

Check out the pictures from our photo shoot here:

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